3 Websites You Can Check Black Market Exchange Rates


At turbulent times like these, you would want to keep abreast with the latest exchange rates between the bond, the USD, RTGS, and South African Rand. If you don’t want to rely on word of mouth from your friend, l got your back now. Here are some websites/platforms to check (estimated) unofficial exchange rates:


I think that ZimBollar was the first to have such a platform where you can check black market exchange rates. Also, I think that they update their rates in realtime (as when the rate changes) and not just updating once in a day (in the morning). Zimbollar even provides a calculator which you can use to calculate how much you get for a certain amount at the exchange rate ZimBollar would have shown you. For me, I think their rates are more reliable relative to other platforms-they seem like they get information directly from moneychangers on the ground. Aside from the exchange rates, ZimBollar also gives you news and reports of what’s happening in Zimbabwe’s currency market.


There is also Market Watch. Market Watch is relatively new but (almost) equal to ZimBollar. Their exchange rates also seem to be up-to-date most of the time, besides the fact that I don’t really know how often they update the exchange rates. Still, I think market Watch is reliable. On top of the exchange rates, Market Watch also covers what’s happening in the business world in Zimbabwe.


Personally, I don’t think rate.co.zw is reliable. Many times when I checked exchange rates on this platform, they will be understated. Even if you check now, the rates they are quoting are so understated, I don’t know why. The funny thing is that when you use rate.co.zw’s calculator, it calculates at a higher rate (not the one you see on the homepage and one which is so contrary to other platforms). For just this, I think the platform unreliable.

NB: By “reliable” I just mean that they provide a better rough estimate and unreliable they provide very bad rough estimates.

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